Web hosting services

With more and more people taking their identities online, as well as forming businesses that require an online presence, web hosting companies are growing at a faster rate than ever before. The key to understanding these companies, as well as which service is best for each need, is to learn more about the services and features available in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. They will provide a wide array of features to their clients that can transform their online presence in a big way.


What Types Of Services Do Quality Hosting Companies In The UK Offer?

Customers looking for a new hosting package should look for a few key features when finding a quality company. They typically offer at least a standard set of features at no additional cost, each of which is essential to the daily operation of the website. Active Web Hosting

1. The Ability To Add Domains To A Package

During the early days of the web, it was common to hold only one domain per package. That is now not the case. Many people combine their personal and professional domains under one account via a feature known as "add-on domains." A quality company will offer the ability to host multiple domains together, perhaps in an unlimited capacity.

Unlimited hosting will allow multiple websites to be hosted, or be able to grow and expand one site. This is good to have if the site receives a high amount of data usage and web traffic, as bandwidth is mostly unlimited

2. Domain Registration Services

Many quality hosts offer the ability to register a new domain name when a package is chosen by the customer. This is convenient and it often results in a free domain name for new customers. Many companies will provide a domain registration package that will also give the client complete control and other features such as domain lock and the option or using .com, .org, .net etc. for just a small price per year. Check if the domain you're looking for is available via this domain checker tool. Look for a company that can manage the full transaction, from domain registration to a package, under one umbrella.

3. Private Or Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers, sometimes called private servers, are the key way for businesses and more demanding developers to access a vast amount of online resources. These private servers are given to just one customer, and that customer gets full access to hard disk space, processing power, and installed software packages, unlike with any other hosting option.

4. Website Building Tools

Customers who have no web design experience should look for a quality host that offers website building tools to customers via a visual, WYSIWYG interface. A "What You See is What You Get" website builder will make site development and deployment easy, enjoyable, and affordable.

5. Shared Hosting Packages

Easily the most affordable option for web novices, shared hosting packages place many customers onto a single server and split the server's resources between them. This often comes with limited disk space and data transfer, but results in a significant savings that won't disadvantage personal websites or the sites of upstart businesses.